How and Why We Do It

AGD Services and Technology
  • State-of-the-art logistical capabilities
  • Verifiable
  • Complete turnkey savings
Agile. Geo. Data. Our name says it all.
Finding the best path from you to your customer.

A “route” in its broadest sense is a means to a business end—influencing opinion, driving new sales, or delivering a promised information product. Finding this best route requires a sound analysis of client needs, combined with state-of-the-art understanding of and competence in today's latest demographic, tracking, reporting, route creation and application design technologies.

Let AGD make the strategic difference for you. Finding the technology solution that:

  • Accomplishes your logistical or distribution goals
  • Saves time and money
  • Improves operational efficiency, internal customer satisfaction and end-customer satisfaction
  • Can be verified and audited

AGD employs advanced disciplines and technologies including:

  • The latest in android-based tablet tracking. Proprietary systems to meet the tracking needs of all types of distribution, including daily and weekly newspapers, single copy sales, bulk delivery, TMC delivery magazines, catalogs, product samples
  • Real time delivery tracking and reporting. Includes customized reporting modes; address by address or full “breadcrumb” reporting capabilities; and in-depth map-driven, variable view presentation of deliveries. Geo-fencing can be established for all zones and routes.
  • Photographic verification and reporting. With the ability to assign geo-code to deliveries being tracked and verified, from extremely dense urban clustering to a rural setting; transmission to assigned e-mail recipients; and route-based, zone-based or store store-radius consolidation transmission.
  • Route creation and analysis. AGD can create delivery routes based on any potential grouping of addresses, including unique original geographically based routes that respect terrestrial boundaries.
  • Complete application design and hosting service. Includes custom web and tablet applications, including for delivery, e-commerce and data warehouse/reporting.
  • Full demographic data analysis. Comprising complete United States Census variables, market analysis by geographic area, and full integration with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Units (GPU) employing wireless networks and mapping features for on-line tracking.